Wayward Journey

I am very excited to have the opportunity to show some of the work I’ve made in the past five years as my attention has turned (or rather broadened) from writing and performance to the fine arts. I’ve been selected by the fine people at 107 to show work in their Redfern Street windows throughout the month of November.

wj fireflier postcard jpg copy

It’s been a period of fairly bold experimentation, and the works are diverse. I’ve selected only those that qualify as assemblage: some couldn’t be called anything else, some are mixed media canvases or chunkier versions thereof, while three are primarily bronze figure sculptures. Fireflier, pictured above, qualifies as assemblage only because she was inspired by the shape of the granite plinth from which she is forever leaping.

Some eight to ten works will explore my favourite themes and chart my development as a sculptor/maker; I’m calling it Wayward Journey. Beyond the bronzes, Blue Planet is made of industrial polystyrene, paint, glitter and plastic. White Privilege is a miniature glass house on a metre-wide map of Australia peopled with polymer clay figures acting out a farcical moment of bigotry, environmental vandalism, and consumerist self-destruction. Sum of All Things is a massive hunk of wood, bones, rusted metal and extruded foam. Come along to 107 for a look at these and other products of my overly fertile, tenuously organised mind.

And stand by for my announcement of the distinguished and beloved sculptor who has kindly consented to open the exhibition on 1 November.

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