Night’s Egg goes to market


For a while I had a fantasy about doing the market circuit, setting up a table in front of the Gypsy Rose (my beautiful Kombi), selling polymer figurines, small-batch slogan T-shirts and random art objects. Here’s one of my figurines – art in a nutshell. But I do too many other things and don’t have time to make enough stock to do the markets – especially since these unique handmade pieces take a little time to produce. To buy online, go to my Etsy page… if I’ve set it up yet. Otherwise, Contact me.

2 thoughts on “Night’s Egg goes to market

  1. Dear Jack,
    You fuel the fire and touch the courage nerve in me. One day, I’d like to work with you and Dead can dance, Lisa G. You are a total blessing to life and the World .
    Keep at it.


    1. Thank you, darling – what lovely things you say! And wouldn’t it be fabulous to work with Lisa Gerrard? There was a time in my life when I was far from home – in Istanbul, actually – and somehow I got a CD of Dead Can Dance without knowing who they were or having any idea that they were Australian, and it became absolutely the soundtrack to my life for several months. I think she’s brilliant and it would be a massive privilege ❤


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