To begin anew

Now, now, now, this will not do; these infrequent, ambivalent entries with indifferent pictures of half-formed ideas. Nothing organised, not even connected to my social media. (Yes, still looking for a media assistant/manager. Call me.) I didn’t know what I wanted this blog to be. News from the studio? Snippets from the study? Documentation, commentary, … More To begin anew

Wayward Journey

I am very excited to have the opportunity to show some of the work I’ve made in the past five years as my attention has turned (or rather broadened) from writing and performance to the fine arts. I’ve been selected by the fine people at 107 to show work in their Redfern Street windows throughout … More Wayward Journey

My Missing Link

I’ve been reading Leonard Shlain’s The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, a twenty-year-old book I’d never heard of till days ago. The author’s thesis, in a very crude nutshell, is that the invention of writing rewired the human brain by prioritising left-brain functions (linear, abstract, masculine) at the cost of right-brain ones (wholistic, visual, feminine), and … More My Missing Link

Hello again

It has dawned on me – obviously rather belatedly – that the abandonment of my old blog-keeping habit in the attempt to finish a novel, and the ensuing failure of that attempt (an epic saga in itself which I’ll save for another day), followed by my descent into the relative silence of study and material … More Hello again

Marriage: lovers’ pact or “creation ordinance”?

At the heart of all the sound and fury over marriage equality is a vacuum — a silent bubble of incomprehension created in the gulf between two very different understandings of marriage. Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies, forced to defend Standing Committee’s decision to donate $1 million from the Diocesan Endowment Fund to the “No” … More Marriage: lovers’ pact or “creation ordinance”?

James Joyce APAYM

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man I can’t read this book without stimulants. It’s so dense with cusp-of-twentieth-century thinking, so encrusted with the religious world view, so blinkered with sexism and weird about race and diversity generally – and almost morbidly verbose. But oh, get me a little high and it’s a different … More James Joyce APAYM