Redfern Art Asylum

My home and its eccentric decor are a big part of who I am, but this page – originally Accommodation – existed to promote business ventures that brought people into it. Post-pandemic, that’s all changed, and this page is now just a brief record to entertain the curious.

For more than twenty years I’ve rented a home in the heart of Redfern, inner Sydney – one of the most diverse and vibrant precincts in Australia. This rambling old apartment, christened Redfern Art Asylum, is where I work, play, dream, study, create, decorate, and party – directly above the hot-zone bars and restaurants. Back in my singing days it was the venue (then called tiny rhinos) for a popular monthly open jam session. Later I dreamed of holding a regular Salon; I still run occasional workshops and other events here. For four years before the pandemic hit, I ran a busy bed-&-breakfast service in the huge, sunny front room; it slept up to four people – six at a pinch, when a band or cabaret show came to town. Now it makes a spacious bedsitting room for a housemate, while my main studio space – which once housed guitar amps, microphone stands and a ballet barre – accommodates shelves of art supplies and half-finished works, an easel, and a yoga mat. I kept the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, though… because mirrors.