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In 1998 I graduated from the University of Queensland with a degree in English and philosophy and an outrageously high GPA. My years in academia developed a lifelong love of language and ideas into a taste for modernism, postmodernism and the lively linguistic debates of the Continentals. But, impatient to return to performance, I continued my studies outside academia between other pursuits, focusing on gender and embodiment, and power, history, structure and faith. Since 2010 I’ve been developing a novel, writing in fits and spurts between other projects and periodically attempting to seek help in a town with a dearth of the kind of novelist I seem to be.

Meanwhile my accidental career as a journalist blossomed, I began to work with musicians as a lyricist/songwriter, and I still find my thoughts distilling one day into poetry, another into polemic. None of these threads is strong enough to pull me for long, but they all glow in the weave. Immerse yourself at zensiren.wordpress.com, or contact me here or on Fiverr to discuss a commission.